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Ideal promotional Giveaways: Travel Companies

May 15, 2012

Making a stand out from your rivals offering the same kind of services does require a great deal of marketing and creative mind. One marketing tool that has been proven to be very effective is the use of promotional giveaways. Travel companies often give out tokens to attract new clients as well as retain old consumers from availing their different travelling packages or promotional tours.

Here are some of the ideal promotional giveaways that travel companies use throughout the year for their marketing campaigns:

1.      Personalized travelling backpacks

These types of promotional products are very handy and useful among frequent travelers. They offer the comfort features of hand-carry bag while at the same time allowing you to move freely while you wait for your flight schedule or tour bus to come. To make if more appealing, customize your backpacks with your business name or logo printed on your backpacks.

2.      First-aid kits

To ensure the overall safety of your consumers even when travelling, why not provide them with personalized first-aid kits that they can use during emergencies like minor cuts or other unavoidable circumstances needing immediate source of relief or medication. Not only your clients would appreciate this kind gesture, but will also remember your company’s name or logo every time they use your promotional first-aid kits.

3.      Colorful luggage tags

Another type of travel accessories considered to be very useful to all travelers is the use of colorful luggage tags. Their main function is to help each traveler easily distinguish their luggage even from a distance. They also prevent any possible thief from taking away your belongings since they have the proper identifications written on these colorful luggage tags. To make your promotional luggage tags unique, order them from and get good value for your money. They have the widest collection of luggage tags in vibrant colors, shapes and styles to choose from. Feel free to ask for their best quote for your bulk orders.

Promoting your travelling services can be very challenging and time consuming if you are doing it on your own, but if you find a reliable promotional product provider who can give you an expert advice all the time, then all your marketing agendas are not at all difficult to accomplish. Make everything easy and within your reach with They will bring the best marketing output for your travelling business. Get their services now and be truly satisfied.


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